So, you decided to Join CA Intermediate Classes to prepare for your CA exams. Maybe you already did once but it didn’t help and you failed. It doesn’t matter because if you’re reading this, then it means that you want to try harder.

As a CA aspirant, you must have a lot of questions: “Should I join CA classes/institute or not?”, “How should I prepare for my CA exams?”, “What kind of classes should I join?”, “Do I join a coaching or should I self-study?” etc.

If you have these type of questions then you’re at the right place because I am going to talk about all of them.

Types of Classes

Face-to-face classes being the traditional ones where students have been going for years. That’s one option. But the rise of Digital Era has given us a lot of other mode of classes like pen drive classes, google drive classes, video lectures, live classes, online classes, etc.

What you choose is totally your preference.

Face-To-Face Classes

Well, as I said, it’s the traditional one, it’s a classic. It’s the oldest mode of classes where you go to a class room with a bunch of other students and get taught by a teacher. If you have a problem sitting for long hours then this option is best for you because the presence of others keeps you motivated and alert. But everything has its pros and cons. So, let’s talk about the pros and cons of face-to-face classes.


  • The physical presence of a teacher and other students helps you keep focussed.
  • The clarity of your concepts is much better as a teacher is always there to clear your doubts.
  • The presence of other fellow classmates helps you keep motivated.
  • Regular classes helps to maintain your routine of studying.


  • If you miss a class, you miss the topics covered that day and it also might interrupt your learning of the new topics covered the next day.
  • Fees, yes, fees. Face-to-face usually prove to be expensive as compared to other types of classes.

Online (Web Based & App Based) Classes

This is also one of the preferred mode of classes. It is so because of its convenience. You don’t have to go anywhere else. You can just sit in front of your laptop or mobile and study. You don’t have to go outside in extreme heat or winter. This are also of two types: Web Based Classes & App Based Classes.


  • It’s way more convenient because you can study anywhere and anytime.
  • Fees, it’s usually less to none.
  • You don’t have to study at the pace of your teacher. You can study at your own pace.
  • You don’t waste any time in travelling.
  • You can choose to study from your own favourite website or teacher online.


  • You can get distracted easily at home.
  • An internet connection is always required.
  • Some of your concepts might remain unclear if you don’t get any online assistance.

Pen Drive Classes

How does a pen drive provide you classes? Easy! All the lectures and study material are provided in a pen drive and delivered to you at your doorstep. It is almost similar to Online Classes.


  • No internet connection is required.
  • The only time you need internet is when installing the drive and when you have some extra doubts and need immediate assistance.


  • Lectures are pre-recorded. So, if there are any recent updates you won’t be notified. That’s why you should buy pen drive classes from a reliable institute which will keep you updated.

How Can Audit By Vaishali Help You?

It is not easy to get through CA Inter/IPC audit and the quest has been a sort of exhausting experience for CA aspirants. We understand how they feel, and so, we try to offer them the best in class preparation at their ease. Be it the Live Classes or Pen Drive Classes, we wish to deliver value academic knowledge to each and every student who really wants to get through.

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